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Hi I’m Renee. 

A bit about me… I was a gymnast, then a dancer and then found the gym. I sustained some pretty yucky back injuries dancing with multiple disc bulges in both my lumbar and cervical spine. I started training as part of my rehab and ended up making it a career. I have come back from some pretty bad injuries including a hip labral tear, this has all added to my ability to be a better coach. 


I have coached in some of Sydney’s best gyms before opening SQUAD GYM in 2016. I have been coaching people for over 10 years and have had the honour of being apart of some amazing journeys. 


My husband and I welcomed our little man in to the world in 2020 and I have worked primarily online for over 2 years now. I trained through my pregnancy and have rebuilt back to complete strength post emergency c section. No easy task but it can be done. 


Training for me is in my blood. It is a huge part of who I am, what I enjoy and how I let off steam. Outside the gym I am very social and make friends everywhere I go. I love to share my stories and listen to other peoples too. I am direct, loyal, fair and honest. I love Italian food, thick shakes and fresh bread with butter. 


I can transform any person who is willing to do the work. Hopefully that can be you.


IG: Renee_squadgym_co



    With a lifetime of being actively involved in sports and keeping fit to some degree – I could honestly go on all day about my journey and what’s it’s taken to get where I am today – but I’ll keep it short…


    I’m an athlete [powerlifter], a gym owner, and a dog mum - I’m a great listener, I like tattoos and music festivals, my family is the most important thing in my life and I’ll never say no to a cheeky bottomless brunch. ;)


    These days my approach to training and nutrition is one of balance and sustainability – no crazy diets or training programs that you can’t stick to. I LOVE educating people on movement and creating a positive mindset – these are essential life teachings!


    When I’m not in the gym you’ll find me at the beach, on a road trip, out with my friends, creating content, walking my dogs or on the couch watching Netflix.


    If you’re looking to working with me, send me a DM or Email – I’d love to hear from you!


    Instagram: @lyndallvile_co


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